Use Homey, Netatmo and IFTTT to park Husqvarna Automower when raining

To begin with I tried to use only IFTTT and Netatmo to park my Automower (its name is Olle and its a model 430x), but for some unknown reason it began to flip flop, where it could say "its raining", "its not raining" on repeat for hours. So I decided to control this using Homey instead, and here is how I set it up.

To begin with, you need to install the "Countdown Timers" app, and the IFTTT app, and the Netatmo app (You also need a Netatmo weather station).

You need to create a "timeout timer" for when rain stopped, I call this timer "olle_parked_timeout".

The variable that is used for setting the timeout time is called "Rain_wait_time".
To make sure flows are not repeating them self I use a Yes/no (boolean) variable called "Olle_should_be_parked".

Let the fun begin. I check for rain every 10 minutes. When I started using Homey I set flows to trigger on variable change etc, but sometimes that did not trigger flows. Using a 10 min interval, I know it will re-trigger if it missed the first time.
In order, when rain has been detected by this first flow, it will set the variable "Olle_should_be_parked" to yes and also it will stop the timer in case it has rained earlier today.

The action is "Set Olle_should_be_parked to Yes"

When the Olle_should_be_parked is changed to yes it will trigger the second flow that will send the command to IFTTT and create a notification in the app.

When rain stops, calculate the timeout value by calling a flow that calls the three different flows that will set the timeout value depending on how much rain has fallen today.

When the timer finally runs out (note that it will stop/restart if rain is detected again before the timer runs out) it will change the "Olle_should_be_parked" to no

The action is "Set Olle_should_be_parked to No"

When "Olle_should_be_parked" is changed to no the last flow will send the instruction to IFTTT to resume on schedule and create a notification in the Homey app.