GPO - Set File Explorer defaults using registry items

I am preparing a new OU for Windows 10 student computer rooms and wanted to make a good default setting for Windows File Explorer.
This could be done with the GPO settings under:

Computer or User Configuration > Preferences > Control Panel Settings > Folder Options

But I want to use registry entries instead so that I can keep them all in one place (with some settings that is not available in Folder Options.
You can use either HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE or HKEY_CURRENT_USER but only in the wright part of the GPO.

  • Show drive letters first: ShowDriveLettersFirst=1

  • Disable Automatic Search for Network Folders and Printers: NoNetCrawling=1
  • Don't use check boxes to select items: AutoCheckSelect=1
  • Display correct filename capitalization: DontPrettyPath=1
  • Unlocked Taskbar: TaskbarSizeMove=1
  • Small Taskbar icons: TaskbarSmallIcons=1
  • Don't show hidden files: Hidden=2
  • Don't show thumbnails: IconsOnly=1
  • Always show File Explorer menues: AlwaysShowMenus=1
  • Display file icon on thumbnails: ShowTypeOverlay=1
  • Display file size information in folder tips: FolderContentsInfoTip=1
  • Hide empty drives: HideDrivesWithNoMedia=1
  • Show file extensions: HideFileExt=1
  • Hide system files: ShowSuperHidden=1
  • Launch File Explorer in separate processes: SeparateProcess=1
  • Don't hide merge conflicts: HideMergeConflicts=0
  • Don't restore folder windows at logon: PersistBrowsers=0
  • Show encrypted and/or compressed files in color: ShowEncryptCompressedColor=1
  • Show pop-up description for folder and desktop items: ShowInfoTip=1
  • Show preview handlers in preview pane: ShowPreviewHandlers=1
  • Show status bar: ShowStatusBar=1
  • Don't show sync provider notifications: ShowSyncProviderNotifications=0
  • Use Sharing Wizard: SharingWizardOn=1
  • When typing into list view, select the typed item in the view: TypeAhead=0
  • Display the full path in the titlebar: FullPath=1
  • Show Computer on the Desktop: {20D04FE0-3AEA-1069-A2D8-08002B30309D}=0
  • Confirm before delete files: ConfirmFileDelete=1